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The Cooper Cooler line of consumer rapid beverage chillers began with the introduction of our original Cooper Cooler-rapid beverage/wine chiller in  Since then we have expanded our portfolio of consumer rapid beverage chilling appliances to include the Blitz Chiller and the VinPodium--rapid wine bottle chiller (  The Blitz Chiller incorporates our patented Cooper Cooling Process™ and is protected by patent number 5,505,054. Revolutionary Cooling Systems (RCS) is continually developing other consumer and commercial chilling products/applications for our own company or for other companies.

RCS also produces a commercial rapid soup and stock chiller for the restaurant industry called the Stock Chiller. Please visit for more information.

Since the beginning, RCS has utilized many ambitious Cooper Union undergraduate and graduate students, giving them real-word engineering and product development experience. The students have and continue to work on various projects to earn credit towards their degree. They have made contributions in; 1) research, 2) engineering and design, 3) quality testing.

To learn more about The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art and its founder, Peter Cooper, please visit


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